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On My Own
Anna's Place....Where we never discriminate against Hot Guys.
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12th-Jul-2015 10:20 pm - Hello out there!
Hello! This is just a quick note to say I'm slowly getting back into the world of "normal" life. I've graduated with my MBA!!! It's taking me awhile to bounce back, though. I think the stress and long hours just really did me in, at least over the last few months. Then things got quite stressful at work just as I finished school, and I got sick for a couple of weeks. But I posted a recap/picspam on Ohana Happy Hour!!! I'll be checking in with any of my friends who are still around LJ. I probably need to make some new friends, too, so please comment, especially if you're a Hawaii Five-0 fan. Or Scott Caan or Alex O'Loughlin fan. I've also started watching Masters of Sex, Royal Pains, and Suits.

5th-Apr-2015 08:14 pm - Woman's Day
Oh, no, the spinach frittata is back!

Just in case you forgot about the previous Legend of the Spinach Frittata...

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Hello! Just some thinky-thoughts today. Nothing H50! But soon.....soon I shall be able to blog again. :)

I finish my master's degree at the end of May. That makes me say "wow"! My graduation is in June, and Amber said this week that she wants to come see me graduate!!!! I was flabbergasted. Filled with happiness and flabbergasted. I told her that no one has ever come to see me--just me--graduate. Granted, it's only happened two other times in my life, but stil......wow! I mean, I had friends at the other graduations, but they came to see everyone. Or friends' families came to see them graduate, and they clapped for me, too, because they knew me. But to come only because of me???? I really hope she follows through. But, she's busy with work and her family, so she might end up not being able to attend. But still, the fact that she even thought of it is wonderful!!!!! :)

That got me to thinking. How do you feel valuable in life if you've never been valuable to anyone? Everyone I know has (or had) a mother or cousin or brother or someone to whom they were important. That's how you develop self-worth, I think. But what do you do when you're alone? I'm sure there's no answer, and I'm not looking for one. I'm just pondering. 
24th-Dec-2014 02:35 pm - Happy Holidays
Christmas Danno
I know I've missed much over the last few months, and I will continue to be in and out of Blogland for a few more months. But I want to take this time to Thank You, my dear readers, and wish you the Best during the holidays and into the new year. I'll be back full-time blogging in June (with a shiny new MBA!) and for all of Season 6!

Mele Kalikimaka!

30th-Oct-2014 12:46 pm - Day Off
The Boys
I'm taking a day off from work, ostensibly to do homework, but so far today I have done nothing productive. So I thought, "Why not post on LJ, since I haven't done that in quite a long time?" After this I will do homework, I promise.

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9th-Aug-2014 09:42 am - Okay, this is awkward
Danny Close-up
A bizarre thing happened to me. I entered the ladies room, and 3 of 4 stalls were occupied. That's not the bizarre part. I, naturally, chose the unoccupied one for myself. Just as I was closing the door, the woman in the next stall starting yelling at me!! I suddenly heard "Jesus Christ, why do you have to sit down right next to me!" At first I thought she was talking on the phone (another behavior that I consider bizarre, but to each his or her own). But next she said, "There are 4 stalls in here but you had to have this one!" And then she just kept ranting about how angry she was, with lots of swearing! I just stood there with my hand on the stall door in total shock. She flushed, slammed her door open, and huffed "Jesus Christ, maybe we should just hold hands next time" and stormed out of the room!! I was still just standing in my stall, and the other people were very quiet. I was afraid to leave the room lest she be waiting outside to attack me, but the hallway was empty when I left!

Amber says I should have stuck my phone under the stall divider an snapped her picture!
30th-Jul-2014 09:03 am - Hello!
I feel like I haven't been on LJ in weeks! Well, it has been at least 2 weeks. Between school and work I just have so little free time! The big news is that I am now halfway through school! I feel like I've really accomplished something, but I feel like another year of this is going to be tough. But I have half of an MBA! I haven't gotten my grades yet from the last class, but I'm expecting something good. I had a 97% going into the final, and I don't think I did that bad. This particular professor is unpredictable and wasn't always clear about what he wanted, though.

I know I never responded to the comments from my last Woman's Day, and I'm sorry about that. Just time constraints, that's all.I'm going to start looking through my TL as soon as I post this. :)

I took the day off from work today because I'm having some remodeling done in my kitchen this week. I have been working from home, but I thought 1 day for fun was ok, since I have to be here anyway, right? I'm planning to do another trivia post for OHH. And maybe make some icons! And a new header. I have boring stuff to do, too, like sorting through all the research I've collected for school papers. Next class, Finance, starts Monday.

I'm excited to go see what everyone's been up to!
13th-Jul-2014 07:37 pm - Woman's Day
Big thanks to @HeyYallCupcakes, my friend Amber, and Amber's brother for this one!

9th-Jun-2014 10:44 am - Happy Birthday, Tkeyla!
I am horribly late in wishing my dear friend, tkeylasunset  , a happy birthday. Please forgive me? Here's some lovely Steve to wish you a happy day today and always! (Click for the full size pic)


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